CDs & DVDs from Disc Go Round
We are buying (we pay cash!)
  1. Magic: The Gathering - Collections of Rares and Foils, Dual Lands, etc
  2. Pokemon: Foils and Rares
  3. Dungeons & Dragons - Old D&D books & modules
  4. Baseball Cards: Minnesota Twins cards 1961-1976; other key rookies and Hall of Fame players, as well as collections from the 60s - partial sets, etc.
  5. Football Cards: Minnesota Vikings cards 1961-1976; other key rookies and Hall of Fame Players
  6. Hockey Cards: Wayne Gretzky & Mario Lemieux + Pre-1980 Hall of Fame stars, older complete or partial sets (1979 and older
  7. Basketball Cards: Michael Jordan key cards (we have quite a few in stock right now)
  8. Football Cards: Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre + pre-1980 Hall of Fame stars
  9. Comic Books: 1970s and older, as well as select newer key issues, and... Batman!
  10. DVD & Blu Ray: TV Seasons; box sets, Out of Print titles. (Large Collections, too!)
  11. CDs: Box Sets, Classic Rock, rare and Out of Print (OOP) titles.  (Large Collections, too!)
  12. Vinyl: Classic Rock in good shape

Updated 8/26/2019

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