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Have a question? Please ask! Our staff will give you all the details. We carry comic books galore and an extensive selection of nostalgic and hard to find items. Come for the games and come for the fun! You'll have a great time at Collector's Connection. 
Are you a Magic: The Gathering enthusiast? We carry cards and games, plus have tournaments on Friday Nights and Saturday afternoons. Watch for our schedule on Facebook.
GREAT NEWS! Collector’s Connection continually expands our stock of affordable Copper Age comics of your favorites such as Batman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and many more.  We offer a Special Order and Want List service for Silver and Golden Age comics.

Ask about special offers for customers who order multiple items, monthly.

We are in the process of expanding  our stock of affordable Copper Age comics  of  your favorites – Batman,    Hulk, Spider-Man, Fantastic  Four,  and many more.  We offer  a  Special-Order and Want List.

At Collector's Connection we serve our customers both in store and online. Visit often online and at our store location to check out our new weekly selections.

Feel free to call during our store hours to ask about what you are looking for. We continually purchase items and collections. 

All of our items are at least Very Good condition. CDs will include artwork, though on occasion the slipcover may be missing.
DVDs and Blu Rays may also be missing the slipcover. Digital content is not guaranteed since these are purchased as used, and some have already passed the expiration date set by the manufacturer.
New items will be noted as new.
For more of our items, click on the Amazon smile locted next to the Facebook logo, and it will take you to the Disc Go Round Amazon store!


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