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Rat Queens, the comic book

I rarely, find a comic that recreates the experience of playing D&D with friends.  Either the comic takes it all too seriously (like the Dragonlance comics), or it's a step removed (like the Munchkin comics).


But I think I've found a comic that recreates the fun of D&D for me.


Rat Queens is an old fashioned D&D party of mercenaries (a cleric, a wizard, a fighter, a halfling, in this world called a "smidgen").  They carouse, they bicker, they fight, they earn their gold but act as heroes, too.  


Beyond whether the comic is just plain fun, the comic is award-winning fun:


"Rat Queens from Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch took home the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comic Book. The medieval fantasy series centers on a diverse cast of female adventurers, including lesbian halfling thief Betty."  Read More: 'Rat Queens' Wins GLAAD Award |


I recommend this comic book for the young adventurer (Teen Plus please, because sexuality) of any gender in your life, or for the seasoned D&D player looking to recreate the fun between gaming sessions.


*David Beard is the author of this article, at the behest of Collector’s Connection, for which we are grateful.  Dr. Beard is an Author, Lecturer, Teacher, and occasionally a vagrant at Collector’s Connection.  Your David Beard results may vary. 


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Rat Queens, the comic book

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