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KING OF TOKYO Monster based Game

One of the coolest games of the last few years has been King of Tokyo.  Following the path of nearly every Japanese disaster movie since 2000, the game traces the invasion of Tokyo by so many, many monsters.


(In my childhood, Godzilla rampaged alone, or at most with one other monster, like Ghidorah or Mothra.  After 2000, Toho, the makers of the Godzilla movies, piled on the monsters.  For a full list of Godzilla monsters, and possible inspiration for King of Tokyo, see:


King of Tokyo's innovation is the fighting mechanic.  The monster who occupies the Tokyo space on the game board is attacked by all the other monsters, and when s/he attacks, he attacks all of the other monsters.  Holding Tokyo is nearly impossible;  the fighting is hard and fast and fun.


To watch Wil Wheaton play King of Tokyo with his internet friends, see:


*David Beard is the author of this article, at the behest of Collector’s Connection, for which we are grateful.  Dr. Beard is an Author, Lecturer, Teacher, and occasionally a vagrant at Collector’s Connection.  Your David Beard results may vary. 


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KING OF TOKYO Monster based Game

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