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Eric Shanower's Oz

Eric Shanower has been illustrating Oz stories as comic books for as long as many of the customers at Collector's Connection have been alive.  

Older readers may remember Shanower's work on First Comics of the 1980s, including Warp, Nexus, Badger and Starslayer.  First published his first adaptation of the Oz universe, The Enchanted Apples of Oz (1986) and he produced several more editions throughout the 1980s and 1990s (reprinted by IDW books in the 2000s).

Shanower has done several other series of note, beyond the Oz series.  His retelling of the Trojan War, Age of Bronze, has won multiple awards in the comics industry and several nods from classical historians for its accuracy and the depth of its research.

But Oz will be, I think, his signature work.  The omnibus editions of the Marvel Comics adaptations are in stock and heavily discounted at Collector's Connection (thanks to publisher's overstock, these brand new books are available for a reasonable rate).  The art is beautiful -- children will appreciate the story, but comics fans of all ages will admire the art.

David Beard

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